Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My First....My Preciousss

I am one of those people who never really took to blogging, infact I am one of those who actually mocked the concept when I first learnt about it and for a significant period of time afterwards.

So what am I doing here you ask???
Well after having thought long and hard about this I realized that I need to have good reasons to start blogging, and mine are:

Why I decided to start?
- To Capture my experiences, thoughts and opinions for my own self.... rather than anyone else. So that I can relive them at sometime.
- To Improve my writing skills and develop the ability to put my thoughts in a sensible congruent manner.
- To Discover and experiment with something new, something that brings me out of my comfort zone. (like most men im not very good at sharing stuff)
- To Make effective use of the 3 hrs I spend each day travelling to and from work.

 Once I have got this sorted out I need to figure out what to blog about and here are some of the things I thought I could write about:
- Work life balance
- Travel
- Sports
- Funny incidents from life & relationships
- Software project management and my experiences with Agile project execution.

 Challenges to overcome in this journey:
- Being regular
- Being clear and concise
- Writing with passion & purpose


  1. Jaggi! Cool man...keep it up. Always nice to write - will be looking forward to more posts from you, apart from the ones on "Software project management and my experiences with Agile project execution" ;)

  2. jaggi - this first one is like you doing class participation!..
    I am still reading the rest ..but couldnt wait to comment on this..