Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Adventures of Deputy Dawg

I met Deputy Dawg on the metro headed towards connaught place. I did not notice him enter but could not miss his sprawled body on the floor of the ladies compartment. He was a shepherd from Germany recruited by the CISF to sniff out the baddies. 

As I noticed him lying there I wondered if his passing out had anything to do with the frequent and deadly flatulence by metro commuters. I mean he was OUT!

He was accompanied by a human colleague and once the train reached CS (one of the busier stations) a swift command from the human and Deputy Dawg literally jumped to his feet quicker than Usain Bolt taking off for the 100 mtr dash. (hahaha) Sorry can't control myself when I am reminded of the reactions that his sudden awakening elicited from the already petrified women.

Not only had deputy Dawg woken up but was keen and raring to go at the first hint of a command from the lesser human. Once the train moved from the station the human barked another command and Deputy sprawled himself on the ground as swiftly as he had woken up. He fell close to the feet of the women occupying the 2 seaters next to the door, their expressions seemed to suggest that they soiled themselves a wee bit.
I bid adieu to Deputy Dawg after a couple of stops but wasn't able to forget the discipline, obedience, agility and enthusiasm that he displayed. This blog is a very small tribute to all you Deputy Dawg's out there (sniff sniff bow wow).

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