Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Why so seriousssss-ly overweight???

I write this piece as a very gnawing feeling consumes my mental peace. The realization is that I need to shed atleast 10 kgs of pure and unadulterated flab.
This flab is a result of a combination of reasons like a crappy metabolism which is further deccelerated by age, the sedentary lifestyle of the working class and my inability to resist a tall drink and an inviting buffet.

I believe quite a few us ride in a similar bloat and are sufficiently bothered about it. However, the troubling bit is that there is a big group of people thats not even bothered about the extra pouches of flab hanging from various angles. 

I guess we need to tackle these 2 categories separately and that is what I will try to do in the following sections. But before I begin I guess I need to clear the air on why I am writing this. The reason is that (believe it or not) I am really concerned about the collective health of the working class of the nation and also because I believe that a healthy body is absolutely essential for a healthy mind. 

For the motivated souls

The people who are really bothered the problem is that not enough of us take the necessary steps needed to rectify this and get back in shape (round is a shape but not the one we are aiming for) and the reason cited is the lack of time due to work pressures or in some cases the lack of motivation. The first problem of lack of time due to elongated work hours is a complicated one because in my view it includes an element of lack of motivation which is under our control but also because some people are busy due to the roles that they have been entrusted.

Some solutions

No. 1: Pick 45 mins in a day
The key to following this rule/guideline is ensuring discipline, you may waver for a day or two but you need to ensure that you take out 45 mins in a day whether its early in the morning or late in the evening. Trust me its not much to ask for and you can easily achieve it by sacrificing that extra hour of mindless TV at night.
No. 2: Pick a sport  
Enrolling in a gym is good but doing drab and repetitive exercises in a gym can easily demotivate an individual. A good way to keep ones self motivated is to pick a sport (tennis, soccer, squash, basketball are some options) and to play that on a regular basis. Its not easy in a country like ours where cricket has ruined our minds ad our fitness but if you are able to get a group of motivated souls together then this can be your key to fitness. 
No. 3: Have a small home gym 
All you need to get this set up is a skipping rope, a couple of dumbbells, a floor mat, instructional videos (for aerobics, yoga etc) freely available on the net and if possible a exercise cycle. I suggest this coz a lot of times we hesitate to take membership of a gym because we are not sure if we will be able to use it regularly. Having a small home gym will atleast ensure that whenever you do have the time and motivation you can use this small investment and attack those flabs. 
No. 4: Motivate others around you 
This may sound ridiculous but in my view this is probably the most important since if you don't get the other buggers out of office you probably are never going to be able to get out yourself. The only thing that I can say with 100% surety is that the benefits of those 45-60 mins of exercise are definitely going to increase your productivity and offset any loss of time from people leaving for home on-time. (What do you think I am trying to do)
No. 5: Remove the guilt
Most of us tend to think that spending time on improving their individual fitness is a selfish act. On the contrary, the benefits of a fit body and mind don't only benefit the individual but everyone around them and especially the organizations they work for. Unfortunately most organizations dont outwardly support individuals efforts to get fit, probably because they are run by individuals who fall in the category mentioned below.

For the demotivated souls

The 7 benefits of regular exercise
This is the tricky bunch of people to handle and to be honest I don't really have a lot to offer to them in the form of advice. Although, what I can offer is a snapshot of benefits copied from here. If you still aren't convinced then probably you should take another look at benefit number 6. -->

Happy exercising..


  1. well I work 12 hrs a day as a trader in CME but yeah I will try to spare 45 minutes for myself