Sunday, 14 July 2013

Why I liked "Bhag Milkha Bhag"?

Don't worry, I don't intend to spoil any surprises from the movie.... So you can read on fearlessly. Just saw the movie and wanted to share the aspects that really moved me.

  • Fine Portrayal of Sikhs - 99% of bollywood movies use Sikhs as fillers in comic sequences and hardly ever do we get to see the other more human (or normal) side of Sikhs. Although there is nothing wrong or inaccurate with the larger than life portrayal of Sikhs that we generally get to see but most people have not seen anything else and that in my view is not fair. The only other movie that seemed to touch a "different" vein was Gadar but that was too mainstream to bring out any refreshing aspect about Sikhs.  In Gadar, Sunny Deol did something unreal by pulling a hand pump out of the ground and in this story you have a very human Milkha Singh doing something unreal in real life.
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  • Don't forget his achievements - We all probably read the reference of the "Flying Sikh" in our text books but if you were an average student like myself then you probably never understood what achievements got him that title. And even if you are well read and can repeat all the 77 races that he won, you'll find it really tough to imagine the inhuman effort that needs to be invested to break a world record. I did a bit of athletics in school (ran 800 & 1500 mtrs) and the effort it took just to better my own timing was so overwhelming that I believed only a divine intervention would help. Probably that's what explains Milkha Singh's extraordinary achievements. 
There are a lot of other good things about the movie like how Farhan Akhtar totally looked the part and probably motivated a lot of us to renew our gym memberships and not to forget the old
India Pakistan rivalry which always gets us Indians going.
However, I only wanted to elaborate on the things that really stood out for me. In essence, I suggest that you watch the movie as an honor to the legend and that in itself should be reason enough. 

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