Sunday, 6 April 2014


After having shed all my inhibitions and getting enrolled as an "on-the-ground" volunteer for the Aam Aadmi Party I thought I'll share my experiences of the first couple of days.

Spreading the word

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As soon as I reach the office I am tasked to a team that will try and reach out to the people on the road by distributing "I want Swaraj" topis (caps), badges, and putting posters on auto-rickshaws. Its not the glorified job that one would imagine, but in my view its the best place to be since that's when you can truly gauge the support of the people and the "AAP Wave". Majority of the people on the road are extremely enthusiastic in their support and as passionate as we are, I say this because, auto drivers come around voluntarily to get the posters fixed on their rickshaws (without a penny being paid or being asked - a little hard to believe), people on the road stopping by and asking how can they volunteer and lend support. 
I am not sure about the "Intellectuals" but the common people on the roads connect with the party's message on honesty and clean governance and are extending their full support. This sort of response generates the energy that makes one forget natures elements of rain, heat, cold and work tirelessly towards spreading the message.

There are roughly 70000 auto-rickshaws in Delhi and my team working in the East Delhi constituency have covered over 300 of these vehicles and we would have distributed more than 3000 caps in the last 2 days. There are many other teams working round-the-clock in the region, trying to spread the word. 

With the campaigning efforts in Delhi coming to a close the next set of responsibilities include assuming the role of a polling agent and facilitating the spreading of the message on the D-Day. I am game.... and if you are too then sign up TODAY.

Is baar NoMo....di Sarkaar (This time we don't want Modi)

There is no doubt that there is a sprinkling of support for Modi and a couple of folks have come up to me and repeated "Is baar Modi Sarkaar" (We want Modi). My short but courteous reply to them is "No sir! you mean, Is baar phir Ambani Sarkaar!".

AAP ki "topi"

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Ok, so the "I want Swaraj" topi may not be the coolest accessory that you may have worn, but it was never meant to be. It represents a message that joins us all together across classes, across religions, and cuts across our personal biases (demons) and no amount of money can buy you that piece of clothing. 

In Conclusion

The idea of this piece is not to proclaim my achievements, the message is simple, if you truly believe in an idea then give it all you can, because "NO ONE CAN STOP AN IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME".

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