Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An Open Letter to Fellow AAPtards

Dear fellow AAPtards (incl. Shazia, Capt. Gopinath etc.),

So we tried our best and we gave the current political setup a run for its money, however we didn't get the desired results. Did we expect BJP and Congress to just roll over and die, especially with so much at stake? We all knew that this was going to be a fight for the long haul and we could only hope to make inroads through continuous efforts and sacrifices. Think of this via another example, Coke and Pepsi are the dominant players in the Cola market, they have the money, resources and people's loyalty. Do you think you can introduce a new (arguably better) product as an alternative and hope to rule the market in a couple of years? Well, we all know the logical answer to that.

We also have recognised that there are a plethora of lessons that need to be learnt and strategies altered without sacrificing our core values. But most of you are wondering if this movement remains valid and does it hold any significance anymore. I firmly believe that it does and here's my take on it:

Viable alternative - Although the number of seats that we won across the country in our first effort does not justify this, but after the stellar performance in the Delhi polls the BJP and Congress realised that they need to bring their A-game if they want to remain relevant, and they fought really hard (especially BJP). Delhi taught them a lesson that they can't take people for granted, and obviously AAP could have done a better job of communicating their exit, but still the impact was telling. As the Congress and RaGa (hopefully) become irrelevant, it's important that we maintain the threat and force the market leaders to continue improving, being transparent, being connected to the people on the ground, and make systemic changes.

Focus on our core agenda - AAP as a political alternative came into existence to CLEAN UP POLITICS. This should continue to be our focus and all our messaging should be targeted around this. Will the BJP (having a clear majority) bring police reforms, judicial reforms, a strong lokpal structure, electoral reforms, political parties under RTI, concepts of swaraj etc? Only time will tell, and if they don't then we are back in the mix and if they do then AAP doesn't need to exist and that should be the happiest day for all of us.

The Road Ahead
A Mohalla Sabha - Let's bring power to the people.
There is no doubt that with the BJP bringing their A-game we need to revamp our strategy and target our energies on making a significant impact during the upcoming legislative elections in Haryana, Delhi, and Maharashtra. Again there is no guarantee that we will make significant inroads in all/any of the state assemblies, but if we truly believe that our message is true and our path is right, then we MUST CONTINUE irrespective of the setbacks.

Your Sincerely,

Jagbir (a.k.a. AAPtard)

P.S. - Are you are upset with me using the word 'AAPtard', which has been primarily used to demean people in some way? Well don't be, I use this word because for me it means that as an individual I am brain locked in the principles that will lead to a corruption free India, where we can hold our leaders accountable and build a system that serves all classes of citizens (rich or poor).


  1. Good one Jagbir...makes total sense...it's a long-term movement...call it whatever name AAP, IAC, Swaraj...truth will keep surfacing one way or the other...thanks for sharing.

  2. Jagbir, I think one point I'd add here is the fact that AAP should first be considered a movement and then only a party. Even if some other party is in power, the movement goes on. Other parties have agenda, but AAP has principles. I think even without any seat, AAPtards have the power to bring about change. So let's just keep persevering on the principles we voted in AAP for, and that itself will be a big step for India's newest revolution.

  3. Also, it's time to bring in new merch that reads "PROUD TO BE AN #AAPTARD" :D

  4. Shailesh Nigam29 May 2014 at 10:58

    Well said Jagbir.